MEDUSA "The Fallen Goddess"

MEDUSA « The Fallen Goddess »

MEDUSA is part of The Greek Mythology, Her story is sometimes misunderstood. She is most of the time associated as a monster Those who gazed into her eyes would turn to stone.

I’m proud to have helped the talented team on this beautiful personal project.


Credits :

Creative Director : Frederic Colin
Designers : Florent Bizec, Fabien Gibert, Frederic Colin
Additional Designers : Samir Senane (Sam’s)
FX : Samir Senane (Sam’s), Frederic Colin
Edit : Frederic Colin
Compositing : Florent Bizec, Frederic Colin, Fabien Gibert, Samir Senane (Sam’s)
Colorist : Anne Szymkowiak
Flame : Sylvian Fabre
Music + Sound Design : ECHOLAB
Composers : Steve Lynch, Gavin Little
Sound Design & Final Mix : Gavin Little
Thank you to Bandits Production, Denis Brunier, Anne Szymkowiak, Sylvian Fabre and also EchoLab


Behance :


Behind the scenes :